What Type of Social Networking Personality Are You? **(çok eğlenceli)

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If you’re on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can probably group friends into categories based on their online behavior. There’s the vaguebooker. The humblebragger. The guy that won’t stop talking about politics. And the one who spoils every good scene to your favorite TV show.

According to a social behavior study by MyLife, which was conducted among 890 adults ages 18 and older, there’s a good chance you fit into one of these personas. In fact, if you’re a young parent, you are 88% likely to post pictures of your kids or talk about parenting at least once a month. Not to mention 25% of users are “vaguebooking” by posting intentionally vague updates which encourage people to react and inquire for more details.

The survey’s infographic also has some interesting findings about searching behaviors on social media sites too. In fact, nearly 25% of men under the age of 35 admit to looking at a former girlfriend’s social media profile page once a month. Women do this less often (20%).

What’s your social networking persona? Find out via the infographic and let me know in the comments…

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