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1. Baristame

Looking to go beyond drip? Baristame is an Android app for coffee enthusiasts, containing recipes and layer guides for popular espresso drinks. Most of us need a little caffeine to get going, and testing out new ways to get that jolt will keep weekend mornings fresh.

The “Pro” version is $0.99 (espresso machine not included).


2. Shortyz Crosswords

Nothing beats Sunday morning coffee and crossword puzzles. Go green and do them on your smartphone or tablet instead, pulling in top puzzles from newspapers around the country.


3. Belly

Belly is an app that helps you accumulate points when you shop at local restaurants and stores. Scan your phone on the shop’s iPad every time you go, and then you can redeem points for actual items at the business. Find Belly-accepting businesses here — there are thousands of them across the U.S. And let’s be honest, don’t we always lose loyalty cards?

Available on iTunes and Android.


4. MyCityWay

Sure, you live in New York or Chicago or Los Angeles — but do you really know the city? Sometimes it takes an urban guide to show you the ropes and get you to places you’ve never been to or heard of. That’s where MyCityWay comes in.

The app tells you about new restaurants, shops, bars, events, nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, local news and traffic information, making it a perfect companion for weekend exploration.

Available on iOS and Android


5. Digg

You finally have time to catch up on interesting articles when the weekend rolls around. Discover gems with the oh-so-pretty redesigned Digg.


6. Longreads

If you really have some time to cozy up with your tablet and read some longer-form content, Longreads is a great destination. You can see what the Longreads team is into, or you can see what the community is into.


7. Songkick

Looking for some live music? Songkick will help you stay on top of your concert game.

Available for iOS and Android.


8. OpenTable

Want to hit the town for a fun dinner? Avoid long waits by making a reservation at one of more than 20,000 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. Use it a lot, and you’ll earn points to cover these delicious meals.

OpenTable recently acquired Foodspotting, and its new Facebook app shows you where your friends have eaten, making the app more visual, social and discovery-focused.

Available for iOS and Android.


9. Fresh Food Finder

Sundays are great for cruising farmer’s markets and picking up local produce and treats. Fresh Food Finder lets you search for them by city or zip code, so you can find markets down the road or go on a day trip to the ‘burbs to pick up the goods.

Available for iOS and


10. DinnerSpinner

Okay, you’ve picked up some produce and fresh meat at the farmer’s market — how are you going to prepare your feast? Dinner Spinner is an app from AllRecipes.com that lets you search by ingredient, prep time or dish type, then shake (a la UrbanSpoon) for inspiration and results.

If cooking becomes a habit, you can use the app as a shopping list — just scan the items you’re running low on and/or add items directly from recipes.

Available on iOS and Android.


11. Cocktail Flow

What’s a weekend without some good libations? Tend bar at home with Cocktail Flow, an app teeming with recipes for margaritas, martinis and everything in between.

Stock your “bar” in the app by tapping the booze you have on hand, and the app will serve up cocktails that can be made with them. It’ll also suggest additions to the bar based on your current stock (i.e. bitters or Grand Marnier).


12. Fandango

Still haven’t seen the movies that nabbed Oscars this year? Use Fandango to buy tickets on your phone in advance. But remember that even though you bought tickets early, you still have to get there early to score a seat that won’t give you neck pains.

Available on iOS and Android.

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