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1. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi is a shared family calendar with shopping lists, events and to-do lists. It will keep you from buying milk twice and make sure you don’t schedule a company dinner on top of your son’s soccer game. Enough said.

Android and iOS


2. Orange Diary Pro

Orange Diary is an oasis for your personal life. Post photos, voice memos, to-do lists and more, just for yourself and your own reference. You can export to Google Drive or back up with Dropbox so you won’t lose your memories.

Price: $1.99


3. Evernote

Whether you’re making memos for yourself to remember later or brainstorming with a team, Evernote’s mobile app keeps you connected and syncs to every platform.

Android and iOS


4. Goodreads

Looking for your next literary destination (I mean book)? Check out what your friends have read and what they thought with Goodreads. The app allows you to scan book barcodes to add to your “to read” list so you’ll never reach the end of one book without having another on deck.

Android and iOS


5. HelloWallet

Budgeting is hard, but HelloWallet takes out the tedium. You can sign up with your bank accounts and sort transactions to better understand your spending habits. If your bank doesn’t have an awesome app, this is a great way to stay on top of bills and account balances on the go.

Android and iOS


6. Manilla

Manilla helps you keep track of bills from anywhere. This one will save you from late fees — well worth it.

Android and iOS


7. Meditation Oasis

You might not have time or patience to sit in order to clear your mind, but this walking meditation app will guide your mental journey to stillness and peace while you move from towards your destination.

Android and iOS


8. OkCupid

OkCupid is a free service (with premium features behind a paywall) and its app is free as well. With the Locals feature, you can find dates nearby, now, whether you’re looking to explore a new town or in your own ‘hood.

Android and iOS


9. Quibly

Quibly is a new Q&A site with a responsive design, specifically for parents. As a parent you might spend less time behind a computer and more time at soccer games so you’ll appreciate the ability to find answers to just about anything, from fellow parents, when you need them.


10. A HIIT Interval Timer

Do you plan your own workouts? This interval timer can be set up to your personal routine to keep you honest so you don’t bum out on reps (like me).


11. White Noise Lite

This free app provides ambient sounds from various places in nature and industry. If you need a little white noise to block out roommates chatting through the night, look no further. Some noise options are oscillating fan, extreme rain and beach waves. You’ll fall asleep in no time.

Android and iOS

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