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1. Dining Deals

Sometimes the best lunch is a discounted one. This app provides alerts, exclusive offers and user reviews on restaurant coupons.

Download for Android.


2. Evernote Food

Remember that feeling when you open your closet, stare at all the clothes and have nothing to wear? The same thing can happen in your refrigerator. Keep track of the awesome recipes you’ve made with Evernote Food. You can take pictures, tag locations and notes, and search for your culinary creations later.

Download for Android or iPhone.


3. Food Truck Follower

Available in most major cities in the U.S., Food Truck Follower keeps track of the food trucks in your town by accessing information via Twitter. You can “follow” your favorite truck or search by type of food.

Download for Android.


4. Foursquare

Foursquare has come far beyond the check in. The most useful part of its service to date is the Explore tab, which pulls up nearby venues, some of which are restaurants. You can search by cuisine, such as “Italian,” “sandwich,” or by something else you’re looking for, such as “happy hour.” It’ll display the best options nearby along with maps and user reviews.

Download for Android or iPhone.


5. GrubHub

In more than 400 cities, GrubHub is an app that allows you to order food to go and get it delivered. No more worrying about how you’re going to get across town in a certain amount of time, or fighting rain and snow to get the meal of your desires. If you have a favorite food, it’ll be saved for easy reordering the next time.

Download for Android or iPhone.


6. Scoutmob

In 13 cities, Scoutmob find the best deals at restaurants and more. After the app helps you find lunch, maybe you’ll discover an after-work event or local handmade goods for sale.

Download for Android or iPhone.


7. Seamless

Seamless is the one-stop for all kinds of takeout. You can customize your meal with special instructions and get it delivered to your location. The service is available in 12 cities.

Download for Android or iPhone.



New York City, listen up. is your guide to nearby mobile vendors, so no matter where you are, it can find you something good to eat. It’s not available in other cities yet. Along with the apps, you can also use the service from your desktop.

Download for Android or iPhone.


9. Urbanspoon

Arguably one of very few apps that make good use of a smartphone’s shake feature, Urbanspoon allows you to shuffle restaurants to find one somewhat serendipitously. If you don’t see something you want, shake again.

Download for Android or iPhone.


10. Yelp

Known for its search features, Yelp allows you to narrow down what you want by location, price, cuisine and more. You can also search by what’s open now and what’s nearby with the app, to be sure you don’t have to trek too far looking for food. User reviews let you know what to expect, and Yelp users are among the most helpful in terms of recommendations on dishes to try and times to avoid a destination because of long lines, etc.

Download for Android or iPhone.

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