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White Noise Baby

Sure, you might be able to fall asleep in 10 seconds flat, but your baby sometimes has a harder time. For when your infant can’t sleep, this app has a number of soothing sounds on loop to relax your baby and lull them into the land of nod. Sounds such as taking a car ride, classical music, conch shell, and even doppler ultrasound of the womb. This app costs .99 cents in the App Store.


WebMD Baby

This free app for iOS and Android is an excellent resource for baby health information. The app contains about 400 articles, 70 videos and 600 tips from pediatricians. Parents can search for health information based on their baby’s age. There is also a “baby book” section within the app where parents can keep track of their baby’s sleeping and feeding schedules, monitor their growth and keep a list of firsts with photos.


Total Baby

Total Baby lets parents log each feeding, diaper change, bath time and nap — in total, parents can keep track of 14 separate functions. This app helps parents figure out their baby’s patterns in order to develop a schedule. The app supports multiple children and works for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It costs $4.99 in the App Store.


Baby Connect

The Baby Connect app lets you keep track of feedings, diaper changes, sleep patterns, baby’s mood, activities, medications and store photos. This baby app is for Android, iPhone, iPad, and the web so whatever devices you have in your household, everyone can keep track of the baby. Several authorized users can share information within this app, so two parents can keep on-top of baby’s needs. It costs $4.99 in Google Play and the App Store.


CareZone Mobile

This free app stores your baby’s emergency contact information and can also send out a voicemail to up to 100 people in seconds.


High Contrast Patterns and Shapes

This app, for iPad and iPhone, displays colors and shapes designed to stimulate the minds of babies and children. The black-and-white patterns hold baby’s interest longer since newborns can’t focus their eyes yet. One blogger says her baby enjoys watching it for up to five minutes, giving her enough time to brush her teeth. The app costs $1.99 in the App Store.


Baby Monitor

Monitor your baby’s sleeping, feeding and diaper schedule with the simple tap of a button. Keep track of how much your baby eats, how often, for how long and which breast the baby nurses from. Track baby’s sleeping patterns and compare previous day’s data in side-by-side charts. This appfor iOS costs $4.99.

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