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1. Foodspotting / Discover New Food

On the hunt for a delicious dinner? Foodspotting lets you look for your next meal based on the biggest indicator of all: photos. With the app you can check out delicious dishes that other Foodspotting users have enjoyed in the past nearby as well as figure out where the closest place is to pick up a food you’ve been craving.


2. Slacker / Discover New Tunes

Love your favorite band but want to branch out? Slacker lets you create stations based on a particular song or artist, and then expand those stations to include tunes by other similar artists. You can customize the amount of “random” music you get on a particular station, and block artists or songs you hear that don’t rock your world.


3. Waze / Discover the Best Way To Get There

Waze takes the mystery out of what the “right” way is to get to a particular destination. The social GPS app guides you around traffic and accidents to your destination, and helps you find the cheapest gas for your trip while you’re on your way. When you do get delayed, Waze can let you know how long the backup is, and what’s at the front of a traffic jam causing the delay in the first place.


4. Saambaa / Discover Parties and Events

In all major metropoli, there’s at least one awesome party every night — but how do you find it? Saambaa has local ambassadors who curate the best events, which you can find inside the mobile app.

The app also allows you to invite friends, even if they don’t have the app already. All location and venue information is stored and accessible when you need it, and if you’re going out with a group, you can use the chat feature to keep tabs on who’s there and who’s en route.


5. Flipboard / Discover Information

News hounds will love Flipboard. The app turns your news, Twitter and Facebook feeds into your own personal magazine, and makes it easy to discover new content through its curated channels focused on everything from tech to fashion.


6. Krrb / Discover Local Antiques

If you’re in the market for a vintage orange loveseat, you might find it on Krrb. Even if you’re not, the classifieds listings application is great for browsing the interiors of vintage shops around town from the comfort of your home.

Krrb understands that there are many levels of “local.” You can browse listings and pull the scrubber anywhere from “local” to “world,” with levels such as “in town,” “kinda far” and “far far away” in between.


7. Highlight / Discover New People

Highlight makes it easy to meet new people by letting you know when you’re near someone you have mutual friends or interests with. The app surfaces content from Facebook, and sends you a push notification when it thinks you’re near someone you should meet. If you’re interested in making friends you can approach that person in person (if you happen to see them nearby), or message them within the app to say hello.


8. Shazam / Discover What That Song Is

Hear a song and need to know what it is? Shazam can help you identify what song is playing on the jukebox while you’re out with friends. Once you tag a song you can instantly watch the music video for the tune on YouTube, share tracks with friends, or purchase the song to listen to on your device.


9. Taphunter / Discover Nearby Craft Beer

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