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Şıra or sira is a Turkish non-alcoholic drink made from slightly fermented grape juice. It tastes sweet due to the high fructose it contains. Its colour is terracotta. It’s mostly served with İskender kebap. A flavored version of şıra is served in the Marmara Region with the name of hardaliye. Hardaliye is basically a şıra but it’s aromatized in mustard seeds and cherry leaves for 15 days. Hardaliye is usually served in special occasions as an appetizer.


The Volitan is a proposed design for a boat equipped with solar cell panels, which uses both wind and solar energy. The proposed design is light weight, with a stiff structure made of carbon fiberand epoxy resin and carbon foam[clarification needed] core lamination.[citation needed] It also has an ultraviolet resistant coating.[citation needed]

It is designed to be powered by a twin 220 HP/DC electric motor, with two suspended wings to help maneuver the ship. In addition, a hydraulic/servo system located in the wings would activate the Volitan’s performance sail system.[citation needed] If built, it’s dimensions would be around 105’3 in (length), 24’8 in (height), 92’7 in (width with solar body) and 24’9 in (width at low body).[citation needed]

The design has been awarded first prize in the “The Best Nautical/Boat” and “The Best Transportation Vehicle of the Year” categories at the International Design Award, 2007.


Wikipedia dışında Google aramasıyla biraz daha bönkör davranalım dersek;

Cahit Arf>>> a mathematician, classically known for the Arf invariant and the Hasse-Arf theorem (gerçek bilim buluşu kategorisinden, “döner”, “yogurt”, “baklava” gibi gıda keşiflerimiz ne kadar buluş sayılır ondan emin değilim)

İlk uçan insan, Evliya Çelebi:


Sabiha Gökçen>>>the first female combat pilot

first to use gunpowder in explosive weaponry such as cannons in wars (the Chinese had only used it in fireworks)

ankaferd>>> a pharmaceutical ‘blood stopper’ exported worldwide


All sorts of Kebabs
Turkish Delight
Turkish coffee
Turkish Wine
Turkish Tea
Turkish Beer

It is said that three major kinds of cuisine exist in the world; Turkish, Chinese, and French. Fully justifying its reputation, Turkish Cuisine is always a pleasant surprise for the visitor.

In addition to being the refined product of centuries of experience, Turkish Cuisine has a very pure quality. The variety and simplicity of the recipes and the quality of the ingredients are guarantees of delicious meals.

Kebabs are dishes of plain or marinated meat either stewed or grilled. Almost every district of Anatolia has its own kebap specialty. Lamb is the basic meat of Turkish kitchen. Pieces of lamb threaded on a skewer and grilled over charcoal form the famous “Sis kebab”, now known in many countries of the world. “Doner kebab” is another famous Turkish dish, being a roll of lamb on a vertical skewer turning parallel to a hot grill. You should also try “Alanazik”, “Sac kavurma”, “Tandir” and different types of “Kofte” as typical meat dishes.

The aubergine is used in a wide variety of dishes from “karniyarik” and “hünkarbegendi”, to “patlican salatasi” (eggplant salad) and “patlican dolmasi” (stuffed eggplants). It can be cooked with onions, garlic and tomatoes and served cold as “imam bayildi”.

A delicious Turkish specialty is “pilav”, a rice dish which is difficult for the inexperienced cook to prepare. In the Black Sea region of Turkey they make a great dish with rice and small fish called “Hamsili pilav”. Another interesting dish from the same region is “Miroloto”.

“Börek” are pies of flaky pastry stuffed with meat, cheese or potatoes. The delicious Turkish natural yoghurt, “yogurt”, is justifiably renowned. A typical appetizer prepared with yogurt is “Cacik”. And, of course, don’t forget to try “Manti”, with loads of yogurt.

One notable variety are the “zeytinyaglilar”, dishes cooked with olive oil. “Dolma” is a name applied to such vegetables as grape leaves, cabbage leaves, and green peppers stuffed with spiced rice (Biber dolma). You should also try “Baklali Enginar” (with artichoke) and “Tekmil Lahana” (with cabbage).

Turkish sweets are famous throughout the world and many of these have milk as the basic ingredient such as “sütlac”, “tavuk gögsü”, “kazandibi”, “helva”, “asure”, but the best-known are “baklava” and “kadayif” pastries.

Among the national drinks, Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, ayran, shira, salgam, sahlep and boza should be mentioned. Turkish coffee comes thick and dark in a small cup and may be served without sugar, with a little sugar or with a lot of sugar. Either way, it is truly delicious. If you like alcohol you can try “Raki” made of anise, it is called as “lions drink” because you must be strong as a lion to drink it.

Soups are coming in a wide variety. These may be light, or rich and substantial. They are generally based on meat stock and served at the start of the meal. Lentil soup is the most common and best loved variety, but there are other preferred soups such as yayla, tarhana, asiran and guli soups.

Mezes are “Hors d’oeuvres” or appetizers figuring mainly at meals accompanied by wine or raki . Eaten sparingly, they arouse the appetite before the meal proper. Examples of meze include gozleme, fried aubergines with yogurt, lakerda (bonito pre-served in brine), pastirma (pressed beef), kisir, humus, fish croquettes, and lambs’ brains with plenty of lemon juice. At many restaurants a selection of meze is brought to the table on a tray immediately after the drinks are served for the customers to make their choice.

Gördügünüz üzere liste ne yazık ki bu kadar dar. Umarız önümüzdeki dönem, bu kısır döngünün kırıldığı yılların önünü açar.

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